Friday, June 14, 2024


Writer Joel Stein On Sticking Up For The Intellectual Elite

Sensitive materials consists of references to Satanism, paganism, parapsychology, magic, extraterrestrials, Halloween, ghosts, witches, and the like, even in a fantasy context. Pumpkins and masks have become tainted by their affiliation with Halloween and ought to be avoided. Avoid topics dealing with nudity or implied nudity, being pregnant, and birth, whether to animals or folks. Avoid matters related to controversial styles of music such as rap or rock and roll. I didn’t know whether or not these editorial revisions were the work of an unusually delicate group of editors, or whether there was some predetermined coverage at work. My puzzlement ended in mid-1998 when our committee met with representatives of Riverside Publishing, the corporate that was selecting the passages for the voluntary national check, editing them, and writing take a look at questions.

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