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The A to Z of CBC – The Good Kind of Cannabis

At this point, you’re likely aware of cannabinoids, especially CBD and THC. However, chances are that you don’t know cannabichromene (CBC). Although a solid family member of the cannabinoid family, CBC is a non-psychoactive compound that hasn’t gained much popularity. It was not until recently that it started making the headlines.

CBC has the potential to decrease inflammation and ease aches and sores. Also, you don’t have to wait for the pain; you can use CBC as a preventative solution. So, you’re looking at a potentially powerful form of medication.

Some sources even claim that CBC fights bacteria, promotes healthy brain activity, improves stress and moods, and reduces facial blemishes.

How CBC is Extracted

To get CBC from cannabis, medical experts wait for the plant to undergo natural biological processes. Then, the professionals first convert cannabigerolic acid (CBGA, from the plant) into cannabichromene carboxylic acid (CBCA). Finally, the CBCA is exposed to UV light or heat to become CBC.

The Different Forms of CBC

After CBC breaks down from CBCA, it gets to you in the form of gummies, oils, or tiny CBC capsules. Regardless of the form you take, the effect will be similar.

Looking for CBC Products

In this exciting period of research and discovery, there is a lot of confusion which may make you miss out on the right products. To help yourself when shopping, look out for full-spectrum CBD products that contain CBC, and you can start by checking out Raw Botanics.

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