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Porters, who tote climbing cargo weighing as much as one hundred kilos up the mountain, don’t share a bulk of the wealth accrued from the Himalayan tourism. In fact, many porters at the moment are individuals from other ethnic teams who migrate to Solu-Khumbu through the climbing season to earn extra money. But that additional revenue might only amount to the equivalent of some dollars a day in exchange for the strenuous labor. Some also report poor working circumstances and never being given appropriate clothes and gear for the intense environment. In response, groups such as the International Porters Protection Group advocate for porter safety and fair wages.

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Her areas of experience embody project management, accessibility solutions, leadership teaching, marketing and communications. Cathy is certified by way of the Coaches Training Institute and holds a Diploma in Recreation Therapy. She has trekked, paddled, skied and sailed in plenty of places around the globe.

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