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School Of Sciences And Arithmetic < Auburn University

BIOL 5850 FUNCTIONAL GENOMICS LEC. An active-learning course to check the useful features of the genome emphasizing gene regulation and practical genetic variation. BIOL 5750 ORNITHOLOGY LEC. Taxonomy, evolution, ecology, and habits of birds. BIOL 5700 APPLIED AND ENVIRONMENTAL MICROBIOLOGY LEC.

Cell And Molecular Biology Programs

General physical geology for Honors college students and for Geology majors. Topics much like GEOL 1110 but lined in greater depth. GEOG 6700 QUANT METH & SPATIAL ANALYSIS LEC.

Laboratory Science Programs

General overview of the ideas and methods concerning the applying of molecular variation in answering questions pertaining to populations and communities of organisms. Credit is not going to be given for both BIOL 5370 and BIOL 6370. BIOL 6260 PROKARYOTIC MOLECULAR GENETICS LEC. Molecular ideas of bacterial genetics including gene construction, genetic organization, regulation of gene expression, acquisition and lack of genes leading to microbial evolution.

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