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School Of Sciences And Arithmetic < Auburn University

Advanced concepts of experimental design including blocking, regression approach to evaluation of variance, fractional factorials in base-2, and base-3 designs. Emphasis throughout is on improving industrial merchandise and processes. Credit will not be given for each STAT 7300 and INSY 7300. STAT 7270 EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN IN PSYCHOLOGY LEC. STAT 7000 and STAT 7020.

Laboratory Science Programs

Introduction to the morphology, anatomy, physiology and classification of vegetation with laboratory. BIOL 3040 BIOLOGY OF MARINE SYSTEMS LEC. Introduction to marine methods and biological investigations of coastal, near shore and open ocean organisms and processes. BIOL 2501 HUMAN ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY I LABORATORY LEC.

Physics Courses

Introduction to fundamental ideas of statistical reasoning and statistical procedures utilized in data evaluation in the social and behavioral sciences. MATH 6280 SYSTEMS OF DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS AND APPLICATIONS LEC. MATH 6200 ANALYSIS I LEC.

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