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School Of Sciences And Arithmetic < Auburn College

Introduction to fundamentals of numerical analysis from a sophisticated viewpoint. Numerical linear algebra, numerical solutions of differential equations; stability. Nonhomogeneous issues and Green’s features, Sturm-Liouville principle, basic Fourier expansions, purposes of partial differential equations in different areas of science. MATH 1950 FIRST YEAR MATHEMATICS SEMINAR SEM.

Education In The Earliest Civilizations

Role of impacts in planetary evolution and in evolution and extinction of life on Earth. Study of rocky and icy geologic floor terrains and their geologic processes. GEOL 6500 PETROLEUM GEOLOGY LEC. Geology/Geography graduate college students who took GEOL 4010 (“P/C”). Coverage of petroleum supply rocks, migration, reservoir rock characters, and trapping mechanics. Overview of exploration methods together with well-log analysis and seismic interpretation.

Cell And Molecular Biology Programs

Credit won’t be given for each MATH 3100 and MATH 3710. MATH 2860 MATHEMATICS FOR ELEMENTARY EDUCATION II LEC. MATH 2850. Mathematical insights into measurement and geometry for elementary school teachers. Shapes in two and three dimensions. Similarities, congruences and transformations.

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