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Peter Melville Logan, On Tradition

It isn’t an exhaustive survey of the academic literature, however as an alternative a brief summary of some explanations proposed to account for attainment differences among spiritual groups. Religion is actually not the one reason for this variance; many other elements could play an equal or greater role, including economic, geographic, cultural components and political situations inside a country or area. Students at locations like Cleveland State also don’t get A-’s only for doing the work. There’s been a lot of handwringing recently over grade inflation, and it’s a scandal, but probably the most scandalous factor about it’s how uneven it’s been. Forty years ago, the average GPA at both private and non-private universities was about 2.6, still close to the traditional B-/C+ curve. Since then, it’s gone up in all places, but not by something like the same quantity.

Liberal Education For Freedom

Once upon a time, excessive culture—the opera, the ballet—had more social status than in style tradition. Now social status goes to the no-brow—the individual with a lot cultural capital that he moves between genres and styles, highbrow and lowbrow, with ease. Shamus Rahman Khan is a sociologist who attended after which taught at St. Paul, an elite New England prep college. As the meritocratic artistic class displaces the old WASPs, he observes, what the college primarily teaches is no longer upper-crust polish or social etiquette, but “ease”—the information of the means to act in open environments the place the rules are disguised. May eight, 1970 offers a symbolic moment of sorts marking the shift in our attitudes about elites. On that day about 1,000 college college students gathered in Lower Manhattan to protest the American invasion of Cambodia and the killing of 4 college students at Kent State University in Ohio.

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