Friday, June 14, 2024


Peter Melville Logan, On Culture

Anti-intellectualism, in the meantime, aims to undermine and diminish any analyses or discourse that runs counter to its authentic position. Rather than reformulating the system by providing transparency so the common public can see the true costs of operations and advocate for better wages, restaurant house owners (and their mid-level leadership) would somewhat keep the established order. Unpaid labor (e.g., stagiaires or trainees) and probably the most weak populations (e.g., formerly incarcerated and undocumented workers) are exploited, and still, a toxic culture, which prioritizes excessive output on the expense of mental and bodily health, is standard. This is witnessed within the unreflective instrumentalism of the restaurant business where the romanticization of restaurant culture and “toughness” wanted to outlive resists change to an oppressive structure.

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