Thursday, February 22, 2024


Mount Everest Icon Tenzing Norgay’s Son Criticizes Sherpas’ Circumstances

Sherpa and Adhikari will work with Sherpa’s cousin who teaches in the Shree Janasewa School and lives in Sanogumela. Their class actions will encourage young college students to eat wholesome food and teach them to make use of supplies found in the community to learn these around them. The project took off when the students’ mentor, Nathan Daun-Barnett, program coordinator for the Higher Education Administration program within the Graduate School of Education, advised they contact UB’s Experiential Learning Network . Thanks partly to the networking and steering there, Scholars of Tomorrow became Sherpa and Adhikari’s biggest, longest and most immediate project yet. Scholars of Tomorrow is Sherpa’s and Adhikari’s newest and most bold neighborhood engagement plan. They went to India last winter to bridge the gap between well being and sanitation consciousness in the distant village of Odisha, an experience they both mentioned left a profound impact on them.

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