Mathematics Math

CHEM 3051 ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY LABORATORY LAB. Analytical methods utilized to chemical evaluation. CHEM 1127 HONORS GENERAL CHEMISTRY II LEC. CHEM 1117.

Mathematics Math

MATH 7440. MATH 7360 LIE ALGEBRA LEC. General introduction of Lie algebras together with their structures and classifications of semisimple Lie algebras. MATH 7180 ALGORITHMIC ALGEBRA I LEC. Fundamental features of algorithmic algebra.

Biology Courses

General chemistry for students in the honors program. Topics similar to CHEM 1120, however covered in more depth. Credit is not going to be given for both CHEM 1127 and CHEM 1040 or CHEM 1120. CHEM 1117 HONORS GENERAL CHEMISTRY I LEC. Topics much like CHEM 1110, but lined in more depth. Credit will not be given for both CHEM 1117 and CHEM 1030 or CHEM 1110.

Arithmetic And Computed Tomography Ct Scan

STAT 8410 ADVANCED QUANTITATIVE METHODS MANAGEMENT II LEC. Introduction to multivariate techniques in enterprise analysis. Study of the idea and applications of ANOVA, ANCOVA, MANOVA, MANCOVE, Discriminate Analysis & Polytomous Logistic Regression. STAT 7300 ADVANCED ENGINEERING STATISTICS I LEC. STAT 3610.

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