Tuesday, June 25, 2024


Mathematics Math

STAT 4610 APPLIED REGRESSION ANALYSIS LEC. STAT 3610 or STAT 3010. STAT 3600 PROBABILITY AND STATISTICS I LEC. Calculus-based introduction to probability and statistics with an emphasis on practical problem-solving. STAT 2710 STATISTICAL COMPUTING LEC. (P/C STAT 2010 or P/C STAT 2017) and (P/C STAT 2510 or STAT 2513) and P/C STAT 2610 and P/C STAT 3010.

Calculus And Further Research

STAT 3010 STATISTICS FOR ENGINEERS AND SCIENTISTS LEC. MATH 1610 or MATH 1613 or MATH 1617 or MATH 1710. Introduction to statistical strategies and evaluation used in engineering and science. SCMH 5940 GLOBAL STUDY/TRAVEL IN SCIENCES AND MATHEMATICS (1-12) AAB.

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