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Mathematics Math

Convergence and oscillation theorems for Fourier Series. Gibbs phenomenon. Fourier rework.


PHYS 1600 or PHYS 1607 and . Thermodynamics, electricity and magnetism, easy AC circuits, waves, and geometric optics. PHYS 1510 GENERAL PHYSICS II LEC. PHYS 1500 or PHYS 1600 or PHYS 1607. Electricity and magnetism, AC circuits, waves, nuclear physics, radioactivity and particle physics. Physics at the degree of PHYS 1500 or higher is predicted.

Organic Sciences

CHEM 7990 RESEARCH AND THESIS (1-10) MST. CHEM 7550 PHOTO AND ELECTROCHEMISTRY ST1. The course offers a simultaneous and comprehensive remedy of photochemistry and electrochemistry. CHEM 1120 GENERAL CHEMISTRY FOR SCIENTISTS AND ENGINEERS II LEC. CHEM 1110 or CHEM 1117. Continuation of CHEM 1110.

Problem solving is emphasised though evaluation of simulated and actual genetics data sets. BIOL 2100 PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT LEC. Introduction to career opportunities and scholar growth choices for majors in biological sciences. BCHE 7220 PRINCIPLES OF CELLULAR AND MOLECULAR ENZYMOLOGY LEC.

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