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Mathematics Math

Quadratic equations; equations in quadratic type; word problems; graphing; algebraic fractions; adverse and rational exponents; radicals. Geometric congruence, similarity, space, floor space, quantity, introductory trigonometry; emphasis on logical reasoning expertise and the answer of applied issues. Calmecac, the college for native learning the place apprenticeship began at the age of 10, the historical past of Mexico and the content of the historic codices had been systematically taught. Visual aids, similar to easy graphic representations, had been used to information recitation phases, to sustain interest, and to increase comprehension of details and dates. Character coaching was one of the salient features of Mayan training. The inculcation of self-restraint, cooperative work, and moderation was highly emphasized in numerous stages of socialization as well as on varied events of spiritual festivals.

Biology Courses

Life historical past, identification, cell biology, and evolution of free-living and parasitic protozoa of the main teams. Laboratory contains techniques for microscopy. BIOL 6220 INTRODUCTORY MOLECULAR GENETICS LEC. And and BIOL 3201. Advanced rules of gene expression including replication, transcription and translation; structure and regulation of genes; detailed concepts and strategies in recombinant DNA.

Biological Sciences

Lectures cover the interrelationships of these elements to each other. Field and lab work will introduce students to analysis on oceanographic processes of the Gulf of Mexico. Taught solely at Dauphin Island Sea Lab . BIOL 4135 MARINE BEHAVIORAL ECOLOGY LEC.

A Model New Perspective On The Position Of Arithmetic In Drugs

Analytical Chemistry of microfluidic units and “Lab on a chip.” New methods of miniaturization of separations and analysis with emphasis on bioanalytical functions. CHEM 7510 ELECTROANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY LEC. Analytical applications of electrochemistry. CHEM 7330 CHEMICAL KINETICS LEC. Theoretical and experimental aspects of response charges. The arithmetic and characterization of chemically reacting methods.

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