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Mathematics For The Organic Sciences Or Pre

Projective and affine spaces over finite fields. Inversive planes. Relationship with linear algebra over finite fields and permutation groups. Applications to combinatorial designs.

Physics Programs

Introduction to the science of microbiology, emphasizing cell structure, systematics, progress, genetics, and the position in human affairs. BIOL 3100 PLANT BIOLOGY LEC. And CHEM 1010 or CHEM 1030 or CHEM 1033 or CHEM 1110 or CHEM 1117.

Formal Necessities For The Organic Sciences Major

Omitting varieties theorems. Morley’s theorem. Ranks, forking.

BIOL 6521 GENE EXPRESSION AND RECOMBINANT DNA LABORATORY LEC. P/C BIOL 5220 or BIOL 6220 or BIOL 5260 or BIOL 6260. Laboratory experiences demonstrating ideas and strategies in recombinant DNA. BIOL 6500 IMMUNOLOGY LEC. And BIOL 3201 and and P/C BIOL 6501.

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