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The teacher’s problem is to coordinate the work of these small, dissimilar groups in such a way that each one get attention. Creative free exercise must be practiced by one group whereas another has extra formal instruction from the trainer. Group leader, and the group lifetime of the school and the classroom must affect the teaching situation. Individual pupils additionally conduct themselves under the influence of the groups to which they belong. Their achievements and attitudes are subject to evaluation by the group, leading to help or ostracism, and they set their requirements in accordance with these influences.

Education And Employment

The non-humanities solution is to make some semi-random clear break and solve one drawback by creating 100 more. More humanities-informed method is to understand that institutions develop and the best way is to give them more resources and to set a transparent purpose than to try to micromanage who to hire and the means to teach lessons. Patricia Crone in Pre-Industrial Societies talked about education in elite tradition being a method to keep the elite as a coherent elite, regardless of being thinly unfold over a diversity of peasants. Then you can have mass education as a part of a nationalist program, to make a ‘nation’ out of the lots.

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