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A private family service and cremation will take place on February 23, 2008 in South Bend. –Mary Ann Evans Contributions in Louise’s memory could also be made to The Georgina Joshi Foundation, Inc. c/o GTA Containers, Inc., 4201 Linden Ave. Katie Walther is a senior International Relations and Chemistry major at Drake University with a spotlight in African studies.

Todd Saliman Elected University Of Colorados Twenty Fourth President

Tenzing Norgay lived in Thame before he moved, in 1932, to Darjeeling, India, where expeditions were organized before Nepal’s monarchy opened the nation to Westerners. Thamo’s Ang Rita, now sixty five, climbed Everest ten instances without bottled oxygen, a record that earned him the moniker the Snow Leopard. And Thame’s Apa, the Super Sherpa, now 53, made his report 21st Everest ascent in 2011. By the time she’d arrived in Thamo, a quantity of lamas had already come down from the monastery above the village to begin preparing for the puja, an elaborate Buddhist ceremony meant to hurry the deceased’s spirit towards reincarnation.

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