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High Culture Versus Pop Culture

Over time, credentials might lose worth, especially as more and more people earn that credential. When credentials are inflated, they give individuals less benefit on the job market. A good example of credential inflation is the decline in the value of the united states high school diploma because the starting of the twentieth century, when it was held by lower than 10% of the population. At the time, high school diplomas attested to middle- class respectability, and for a few years even supplied entry to managerial level jobs.

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Just six metro areas—the San Francisco Bay Area; New York; Boston; Washington, D.C.; San Diego; and London—attract almost half the high-tech venture capital in the world. In the 1930s, “hard hats”—blue-collar union members—had marched within the streets against manufacturing facility homeowners and bankers and found a champion in Franklin Roosevelt. By Nineteen Seventies, they had been beating up college students whereas Richard Nixon smiled in the White House. In truth, he coined the time period and became an inspiration to the “New Left” of the Nineteen Sixties. He too noticed a lot to dislike in regards to the new energy elite, though for different reasons.

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