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Faculty Of Sciences And Mathematics < Auburn University

Grade of C or better in STAT 3610 or STAT 3010 and Grade of C or higher in MATH 1620 or equivalent. STAT 5600 PROBABILITY AND STATISTICS FOR DATA SCIENCE LEC. STAT 3610 or STAT 3010 or MATH 1620.

A New Perspective On The Function Of Mathematics In Medicine

MATH 6130 CALCULUS OF VARIATION LEC. MATH 6110 NUMBER THEORY LEC. Greatest frequent divisor, distinctive factorization, linear Diophantine equations. Modular arithmetic, Chinese remainder theorem, polynomial congruences.

Mathematics And Computed Tomography Ct Scan

Sums of squares. Units and the integers mod n. MATH 6050 MATRIX THEORY AND APPLICATIONS LEC. Canonical forms, determinants, linear equations, eigenvalue issues. MATH 5390 INTERMEDIATE EUCLIDEAN GEOMETRY II LEC. MATH 5380.

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