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(There is even a proprietary “leadership development” program.) U.C.L.A. provides fifty-eight freshman seminars this fall, on topics ranging from Martin Buber to house meteorology. Beginning with steep and far-reaching admissions standards, each present the sins and the saving graces of a college like Yale. The spectrum of liberal-arts institutions is both narrower and extra steady than Deresiewicz allows.

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Because schools are funded by property taxes, schools in poor areas receive less funding then faculties in wealthier areas. Several studies have proposed that a large part of the IQ gap can be attributed to variations in quality of training. Systemically disadvantaged minorities, such because the blacks within the United States, usually carry out worse within the academic system and in intelligence tests than the bulk groups or much less disadvantaged minorities. No part of the college group, writes Snyder, wishes the tip end result created by this course of. The professors, too, are distracted and pressured, whether by the necessity to preserve institutional status or by the sheer frenzy of exercise interrupting their inventive cycles.

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An elite education not solely ushers you into the higher classes; it trains you for the life you’ll lead when you get there. I didn’t understand this till I started comparing my expertise, and even more, my students’ expertise, with the expertise of a pal of mine who went to Cleveland State. There are due dates and attendance requirements at locations like Yale, however nobody takes them very significantly. Extensions are available for the asking; threats to deduct credit for missed lessons are rarely, if ever, carried out. In other words, college students at places like Yale get an countless string of second chances.

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