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College Of Sciences And Arithmetic < Auburn University

The symmetry group of a set, homotheties and similitudes, path, arcs and length of curves, superior theorems on the circle. MATH 5350 INTRODUCTION TO ALGEBRAIC GEOMETRY LEC. MATH 5190 INTRODUCTION TO APPROXIMATION THEORY LEC. Approximation of functions by polynomials, spline functions or trigonometric features, expansions in collection. MATH 5180 CRYPTOGRAPHY LEC.

Arithmetic And Computed Tomography Ct Scan

GEOL 2050 and GEOL 4010. Emphasis might be placed on plate tectonics and driving forces, evolution of collisional, rework and extensional techniques, and dynamic indicators of past and current tectonic processes. GEOL 6400 PRINCIPLES OF EARTH SCIENCE LEC.

Laboratory Science Courses

GEOG 6860 ADVANCED CONCEPTS IN CARTOGRAPHY LEC. GEOG 3810. Advanced techniques of map design and manufacturing together with relevant computer graphics functions and related laboratory workout routines. Credit will not be given for both GEOG 5860 and GEOG 6860. GEOG 6850 GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION SYSTEMS APPLICATIONS LEC. GEOG 5830 or GEOG 6830.

PHYS 1150 ASTRONOMY LEC. Open to non-science majors. Earth, the photo voltaic system, stars, neutron stars, black holes, supernova, galaxies, the expanding universe, and fashionable cosmological theories. MATH 8990 RESEARCH AND DISSERTATION (1-10) DSR.

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