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College Of Sciences And Arithmetic < Auburn College

Noetherian rings. Theory of Groebner bases. Hilbert Nullstellensatz. Elimination concept. Applications to graph concept and algebraic geometry.

Cell And Molecular Biology Courses

Conditional expectation and martingale principle. Stochastic processes. Probability spaces, distribution, and characteristic functions. Error analysis, approximation of functions, nonlinear equations. Linear algebra; differential equations fashions; dynamical techniques; stability; hysteresis; phase airplane analysis; purposes to cell biology, viral dynamics, and infectious illnesses.

Arithmetic & Statistics

“C” or higher in MATH 3100. MATH 3100 INTRODUCTION TO ADVANCED MATHEMATICS LEC. MATH 2630 or MATH 2637. Teaching of the basic abilities needed for the pursuance of mathematical studies. Logic and set principle, mathematical induction, fundamental quantity principle, primary analysis.

Laboratory Science Programs

BIOL 6150 COMMUNITY ECOLOGY LEC. Dynamics of ecological communities, including niches, species interactions, succession, island biogeography, biodiversity and meals webs. May rely BIOL 5150 or BIOL 6150. BIOL 6131 ADV PLANT PHYSIOLOGY LAB LAB. Laboratory workouts in plant physiology.

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