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Between Religion And Science

There is similar numbing brainlessness, the identical suffocating absence of thought and creativeness, the identical absoluteness about the unquestioning conformity. So drained of mind, culture, and politics are they that many of those places are the very negation of ‘universities’. They are expertise factories turning out labour units in an surroundings that mixes the clinical functionalism of Huxley’s Brave New World, the political conformity of Orwell’s 1984, and the bureaucratic absurdity of Kafka’s The Trial.

Examples Of Elite

If an evangelizer for culture finds these details to be distasteful, they have a tendency to react in certainly one of two methods. The first is to spotlight the solitary exceptions — the few marginalized individuals throughout the general literary tradition. This person will inevitably point out Sappho — the one feminine poet from all of antiquity whose works are available in any amount. They may mention Christine de Pizan or Marie de France — medieval writers who usually worked in isolation from other woman writers, with no sustained tradition either forward of or behind them. And they’ll definitely notice that a lot of women’s writing was casual — letters and diaries — without noting that these letters have only been retained if they were addressed to necessary males. Almost no letters solely between women are extant, although these probably constituted nearly all of each woman’s correspondence.

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