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Arithmetic Math

Linear difference equations, preliminary worth issues, Green’s capabilities, boundary value issues, systems, periodic options, nonlinear distinction equations, fashions. MATH 5300 THEORY OF DIFFERENCE EQUATIONS LEC. MATH 2850 MATHEMATICS FOR ELEMENTARY EDUCATION I LEC.

Laboratory Science Programs

Algebraic capabilities, Exponential Logarithmic functions. Analytic and geometric properties of trigonometric functions. Students with earlier credit in any higher-numbered math course might not additionally receive credit score for this course. GEOL 6300 BASIN ANALYSIS LEC. GEOL 4010. GEOL 5300 BASIN ANALYSIS LEC.

Physics Programs

MATH 5370 or MATH 6370. Multilinear algebra, symmetry class of tensors, induced operators, generalized matrix capabilities, and present analysis topics. MATH 7000 APPLIED MATHEMATICS I LEC. MATH 6300 THEORY OF DIFFERENCE EQUATIONS LEC.

Organic Sciences

GEOL 2010 MINERALOGY AND OPTICAL CRYSTALLOGRAPHY LEC. Physical and chemical properties of minerals, classification and roles with emphasis on natural techniques, supplies science, well being, and setting. Credit will not be given for each GEOL 2010 and GEOL 2013. GEOG 7990 M.S. RESEARCH AND THESIS (1-10) RES. Research and Thesis.

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