Arithmetic Math

Elements of area concept. Axioms for group concept; permutation groups, matrix groups. Isomorphisms, homomorphisms, quotient teams. Advanced subjects as time permits.

Organic Sciences

Credit won’t be given for both BIOL 7440 and CMBL 7440. BIOL 7200 EVOLUTIONARY BIOLOGY LEC. Topics of current curiosity in evolution. Readings and presentation required. BIOL 6850 FUNCTIONAL GENOMICS LEC.

Sciences & Math Programs

Special emphasis on doing proofs. Introduction to optimization, linear search methodology, trust area methodology, Newton technique, linear programming, linear, and non-linear least sq. strategies. STAT 7990 RESEARCH AND THESIS (1-10) DSR. Research for Master’s thesis in Statistics. Course could also be repeated with change in subject. STAT 7860 APPLIED TIME SERIES ANALYSIS LEC.

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