Arithmetic Math

PHYS 419 / MATH 419 Theoretical Mechanics A second course in classical mechanics, required of all physics majors who typically take it in their fifth or sixth semester. It is also a valuable background for many 400-level physics programs, especially Physics 410. Honors course in analytic geometry in area; partial differentiation and applications. Students who’ve handed MATH 230 or MATH 230H may not schedule this course. MATH 231H Honors Calculus of Several Variables This course covers a subset of the fabric found in MATH 230. This course will present college students with the mathematical background and quantitative skills wanted to make sound monetary decisions.

Arithmetic Math

Basic set theory; models, compactness, and completeness; fundamental mannequin concept; Incompleteness and Gödel’s Theorems; basic recursion concept; constructible sets. Group concept, homological algebra, and different chosen subjects. Basic commutative algebra and classical algebraic geometry. Algebraic varieties, morphisms, rational maps, blow ups.

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Multiple short trips to varied locales inside the Everglades. BIOL 3010 COMPARATIVE ANATOMY LEC. BIOL 1030 or BIOL 1037. We will examine evolution of anatomical structures from early chordates via vertebrates . Students will study the main vertebrate taxa and how each anatomical system seems in them. Students will also examine the linkage of those techniques through all vertebrates.

Arithmetic & Statistics

CHEM 7220 ORGANIC REACTIONS LEC. Concurrent enrollment with CHEM 7200 is extremely beneficial. CHEM 7120 ORGANOMETALLIC CHEMISTRY LEC. Main group and transition metallic organometallic chemistry. CHEM 4110 INORGANIC CHEMISTRY II LEC. CHEM 4100.

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