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Arithmetic Math

Divisibility, prime numbers, factorization. Arithmetic functions. Congruences.

A Model New Perspective On The Function Of Arithmetic In Medication

GEOL 7260 AQUEOUS AND ENVIRONMENTAL GEOCHEMISTRY LEC. CHEM 1040 and GEOL 2050. Study of water-rock reactions that management the chemical composition of groundwater; aqueous geochemistry of trace parts; groundwater pollution, remediation and geomic robiology. GEOL 7220 GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION SYSTEMS AND MARINE RESEARCH LEC. Introduction to geographical info system techniques with a concentrate on utility within the marine setting. GEOL 7200 TECTONICS LEC.

Physics Courses

Quadratic residues, Legendre/Jacoby symbols, quadratic reciprocity. Primes. Moebius inversion.

Instruction and dialogue in a specific current matter in Biological Sciences. BIOL 4485 MARINE ECOLOGY LEC. BIOL 4010. The relationship of marine organisms to their surroundings and the consequences of setting on abundance and distribution on marine organisms. Taught at Gulf Coast Research Laboratory, Departmental approval and sixteen hours of Biological Science together with BIOL 4010.

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