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Arithmetic For The Biological Sciences Or Pre

Each pupil of the PMASS program shall be required to take part in two individual or group tasks. Some initiatives will develop out of the work of the problem solving seminar, and the seminar might be a venue for the students to discuss their research tasks. This course is a part of a model new “pre-MASS” program aimed toward freshman/sophomore degree students, which can operate in steady state in the spring semesters. Honors course in methods of linear equations; matrix algebra; eigenvalues and eigenvectors; linear systems of differential equations.

Geography Courses

PHYS 1607 HONORS PHYSICS I LEC. Honors model of PHYS 1600. Math on the degree of MATH 1610 or larger is required as a prerequisite. Credit is not going to be given for both PHYS 1500 and PHYS 1600 or PHYS 1607. PHYS 1600 ENGINEERING PHYSICS I LEC.

Physics Courses

Current concepts of inorganic chemistry with an emphasis on concept, structure, bonding and reactivity. CHEM 4130 INSTRUMENTAL ANALYSIS LEC. P/C CHEM 3050. Fundamental ideas utilized in instrumental analytical chemistry emphasizing spectrophotometric, electroanalytical and chromatographic evaluation. CHEM 4100 INORGANIC CHEMISTRY LEC. CHEM 4080 or CHEM 3160.

Education In The Earliest Civilizations

Continuous martingales and Brownian movement, stochastic differential equations and martingale issues, local time, excursions, one-dimensional SDE’s and diffusions. MATH 8400 ADVANCED FUNCTIONAL ANALYSIS I LEC. MATH 7210 and MATH 7400.

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