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Arithmetic For The Biological Sciences Or Pre

Satisfies no necessities aside from contribution to the one hundred eighty units required for graduation. STAT 8400 ADVANCED QUANTITATIVE METHODS FOR MANAGEMENT I LEC. STAT 7000. Or permitted equivalent. Study of the application of linear regression analysis to business research.

Arithmetic And Computed Tomography Ct Scan

CHEM 2070 ORGANIC CHEMISTRY I LEC. CHEM 1040 or CHEM 1043 or CHEM 1120 or CHEM 1127. Considers alkanes, alkenes, alkynes, alkyl halides, alcohols, ethers, and aromatic compounds. Credit won’t be given for both CHEM 2070 and CHEM 2030. BIOL 7180 SCRIPTING FOR BIOLOGISTS LEC. BIOL 6800 and STAT 7000.

Biology Programs

MATH 7570 EUCLIDEAN TOPOLOGY I LEC. MATH 7510. An introduction to ideas basic in algebraic and geometric topology through the study of easy objects corresponding to polyhedra, manifolds, retracts, and the Brouwer fastened point theorem. MATH 7440 PARTIAL DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS I LEC. MATH 7400 FUNCTIONAL ANALYSIS I LEC. MATH 7210.

Credit is not going to be given for each MATH 6670 and STAT 6670. MATH 6380 INTERMEDIATE EUCLIDEAN GEOMETRY I LEC. Fundamental ideas and theorems of Euclidean geometry, introduction to greater dimensions. Regular polygons and polyhedra, symmetry groups, convexity, geometric extremum issues. Geometric transformations and their invariants. MATH 6370 LINEAR ALGEBRA LEC.

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