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Arithmetic For The Biological Sciences Or Pre

BIOL 3030 EVOLUTION AND SYSTEMATICS LEC. An introduction to evolutionary processes, classification, of organisms and scientific nomenclature. BIOL 2500 HUMAN ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY I LEC. BIOL 1000 or BIOL 1020 or BIOL 1023 or BIOL 1027. Study of the construction and function of the human body.

Cell And Molecular Biology Programs

Credit for less than considered one of MATH 1120/MATH 1123. Group work on difficult issues, discussions and project displays. MATH 314 PMASS Problem Solving Seminar A 1-credit Problem Solving Seminar will function group work on challenging issues which require only elementary techniques for his or her answer.

Laboratory Science Courses

Membership within the Honors College or Departmental approval required. Recommended for Physics majors. Math at the degree of MATH 1620 or greater is required as a prerequisite. Physics at the level of PHYS 1600 or larger is predicted. Credit won’t be given for each PHYS 1510 and PHYS 1610 or PHYS 1617.

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